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Swarda Thigale

Swarda Thigale

Indian television actor /

29 Oct 1994

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Swarda Thigale Biography

Originally from Pune, Swarada Thigale’s height is 5 feet 5 inches. Her full name is Swarda Rajendra Thigale. She is extremely fond of sports and hits the gym regularly, prior to her shooting schedule.
Her Most Memorable Role is As Shubra in Majhe Mann Tujhe Zhale. In that she plays a student, who falls in love with her professor.
She secured her role by passing through tough auditions in Pune, and the final one in Mumbai. The story is of a young student who falls in love with a 32 yr old Math professor, Raj Shekhar. She also worked in the role of Ramabai Ambedkar in a natak Vadal Hya Krantiche.

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