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Sabyasachi Satpathy

Indian television actor /

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Sabyasachi Satpathy Biography

Sabyasachi Sathpathy who is popularly known as Shagoon Sathpathy is another commoner contestant of Bigg Boss 11. He is a popular name in fashion industry and has organized auditions for many beauty and fashion shows. He has ample of talent and knowledge about fashion, he is a TV presenter and a good chef. Know more about Sabyasachi, his profile, biography, achievements and his aim for to ether Bigg Boss 11.
A popular name in Oriya TV industry and now struggling to enter into the main stream of Bollywood, Sabyasachi went through lots of ups and downs in his life. He is in Mumbai for last few years and has been hosting auditions of many new comers, he has been part of many shows but never got the due fame. After getting the opportunity to be a part of Bigg Boss in this season he grabbed it and now is selected as a commoner contestant.

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