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Sshivani Durga

Indian television actor /

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Sshivani Durga Biography

Like previous year of Bigg Boss, a tantric is coming again in Bigg Boss 11 as a commoner contestant. She is famous tantric and occultist Shivani Durga. See profile, biography, educational qualification and interesting achievements of Shivani Durga and follow her Bigg Boss 11 journey. Shivani Durha is well educated and had done two Phd’s in Occult, Haitian Vodou, Wicca, Tantra, Dasha Mahavidya and Karma Kanda. Her aim is to spread awareness about tantra vidya which is considered as a harmful thing in India. She has done several works and for that and probably this might be an aim to be a contestant in Bigg Boss season 11 as a commoner contestant.
Shivani Durga is highly qualifies, she did two Phd,s from Chicago University. After returning to India she became a disciple of Nagnath Yogeshwar. She has been passionate to go cemetery right from her childhood. She is devotee of Shiv and became a gormandizer (aghori). She is also expert in mysterious tantra like Wicca and Vodou.

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