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Sunny Ghanshani

Indian television actor /

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Sunny Ghanshani Biography

Actor Sunny Ghanshani who hails from Bilaspur, Chattisgarh is indeed a lucky man. After struggling for years, Sunny got his debut role in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s new show Porus.

The actor shares his journey and the hardships he faced to become an actor. Siddharth says,

“In the year 2007 I came to Mumbai and had a very bad experience. I was studying in Pune and got my first job in Mumbai from campus interview. I got pick- pocketed and was not getting enough warmth and love from Mumbai. So wanted to go back. But destiny brought me back to Mumbai in 2009 and this time I started working also. I continued the day job and I used to go for auditions for serials and commercials during weekends”.

Sunny shares that he didn’t get things on a platter once the round of auditions began.

“The audition phase was long but my day job was giving me the financial security. I have never asked money from my family. Back at home my father never wanted me to leave the job but my mother always supported my decision. There was a time when I realised that I should take a break from my job but at the same time I knew I should have enough money to survive in the city like Mumbai”.
“End of 2016 I left the job and started going to production houses and that’s how I got in touch with Swastik Productions. I used to make my own script for auditions. When I got the role of Philip, father of Alexander I was skeptical. I thought that ‘my first role and that too grey shade’, but I have immense faith in Siddharth and I am just following his visions.”

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