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Ritu Bhatia Biography

Ritu Bhatia was born in Jaipur and went on to study at MGD girls school and Lady Shri Ram college, Delhi. Having grown up to be a feminist, it was no surprise that she was chosen to translate Eve Ensler's path breaking play Vagina Monologues to Kissa Yoni Ka

Ritu's writing bouquet boasts of a range of writing from theatre (Kissa Yoni Ka, Hindi adaptation of Vagina Monologues) to the big screen (Aisha and London Paris New York) and a masser reach via television (created remix in 2003, wrote Gumrah, Left Right Left, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Parvarish sequel and the recently launched Bhaage Re Mann). She moulds her craft seamlessly depending on the medium she's working in.

Ritu's latest show includes Bhaage Re Mann, the first original Indian show on Zindagi channel and Yeh Hai mohabbatein, an adaptation of Manju Kapoor's novel Custody. The show is number 3 at present.

Lastly - she produced and wrote Myths and Legends – Kahi Suni - for Epic channel which was a hugely educative show as I travelled across the country and spent time with some of the leading philosophers and writers of the country, relooking at mythology from a historic perspective which was tremendously satisfying.

Ritu is currently writing two films – one with a lot of modern stand up comedy as its backdrop - and another diametrically opposite film - about family, loneliness and death. She thinks experimenting with these varied forms of writing is fun. She says, "I refuse to be that writer who writes only a particular genre of films. I want to write it all."


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