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Rakhee Vijan Tandon

Rakhee Vijan Tandon

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Rakhee Vijan Tandon Biography

Rakhee (Rakhi) Tandon Vijan is an Indian Comedy Actress. She is the sister-in-law of Indian actress Raveena Tandon. She played in the serial Heena Tandon also plays the role of Sweety Mathur in a popular Indian Sitcom, "Hum Paanch", where she is the third daughter of Anand Mathur, played by Ashok Saraf. Sweety is often referred to by her family as 'Hateli' or a bimbo. Rakhi also acted in a television movie "Humko Ishq Ne Mara" in 1997. Rakhi Vijan has filed for divorce from her husband Rajiv Tandon (brother of actress Raveena Tandon).

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