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Santoshh Kumar

Santoshh Kumar

25 Dec 1925

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Santoshh Kumar Biography

Santosh Kumar, whose real name was "Syed Musa Raza", son of Syed Daud Musa, successfully graduated with higher grades, from Usmania University, Hyderabad Deccan. After independence, Santosh migrated to Lahore, Pakistan, along with his family. "Ahensa" was the first film of Santosh as a hero, which was released in 1948, under the banner of "Kashmir films". Furthermore, film 'Shaam Dhalay' was the only movie in his film career, which he produced, directed and played the lead role, as well. Over and above, in Pakistan television's popular quiz show, 'Neelam Ghar', Santosh won the car by answering the required number of questions through his exceptionally high I.Q. and his immense general knowledge. Santosh left for the eternal journey on June 11, 1982.


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