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Namit Das

Namit Das

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10 Jul 1984

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Namit Das Biography

Namit Das (born 10 July 1984) is an Indian film, television and theatre actor. He has acted in several Television Commercials. He belongs to a family of musicians and singers, his father is reputed ghazal singer Chandan Dass. His maternal grandfather was K.Pannalal who worked for Delhi All India Radio and Doordarshan and was a musician par excellence. One of his maternal uncles Jaidev Kumar is a famous Punjabi music director and another is Ajay K.Pannalal a Punjabi film director. Namit is also a trained singer and took classical music training from his father Chandan Dass and Bhavdeep Jaipurwale but preferred acting over singing for a long time. Recently he has released an album with Anurag Shanker, which has five tracks.

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