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Snoring king Arvind Vegda out of Bigg Boss 9


Arvind Vegda entered the Bigg Boss house along with Ankit Gera with a lot of dreams in his eyes. Fondly known as 'Mota Bhai', Arvind Vegda soon attracted attention in the house due to his loud snores.

Realising that his snoring problem was creating issues for his housemates, the soft-hearted Arvind immediately made arrangements to ensure the other contestants have a sound sleep. Sacrificing his slumber time, Arvind only went to bed after he was sure that his housemates were asleep.

Known to don more tattoos than the length of his skin, Arvind Vegda's image in the house was anti-climactic to his appearance. A common consensus of the house agreed that 'Mota Bhai' had a heart as pure as honey fresh from the hive.

Mostly seen relaxing and crooning along with his partner Ankit Gera, the two men quickly developed a friendship. Entertaining the housemates during the wake-up call, Arvind Vegda was seen at his happiest best when playing Garba. Missing his home back in Ahmedabad, Arvindji desperately desired his kediyu.

Speaking about his journey in the Bigg Boss house, Ankit Gera said, "My experience in the Bigg Boss house has been a journey of a life time. This is the most real show there is. I will always remember my learnings in the house and I have made quite a few memories inside the house, especially with Ankit. I am looking forward to meet him outside the house. I am glad to have received this opportunity and will always keep this experience close to my heart."

Wish you luck Arvind!

Source (Tellychakkar)

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