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&TV's Gangaa: Jaswir Kaur to investigate Barkha's death; Gangaa to be arrested for the charge


&TV's Gangaa (Sphere Origins) will see a major highpoint in tonight's episode, with the untimely death of Barkha (Gunjan Vijaya).
Yes, the charming beauty will be found dead in the hotel room. And a major track will unfold on who the culprit will be.

As per the ongoing track, the entire family believes that Niranjan (Hiten Tejwani) has an extra marital affair with his sister-in-law, Barkha. There has been
a huge rift created between Madhvi (Gungun Uprari) and Niranjan with regards to this.
And upon Gangaa getting to know of this, she will go to the hotel room to patch up things between Niranjan and Madhvi. However, she will be shocked to see Barkha's dead body there. And she will unknowingly pick up the murder weapon, the knife in her hand.

Well, this huge development will lead to Gangaa being taken to the remand room, on the charge of Barkha's murder. However, the family will now get to believe that Niranjan has a hand in the murder, as he had been secretively meeting Barkha.

So who has really killed Barkha? And who will solve this mystery?

Well, to take charge of the case, will now come the talented beauty Jaswir Kaur who was last seen in SAB TV's Krishan Kanhaiya.

As per reliable sources, "Jaswir will play the role of Shreeya Mathur, the investigative officer in charge of the murder case. She will be a woman of high principles and strict in nature, but will also have a feel-good appeal in her."

When contacted, Jaswir confirmed the news saying, "Yes, I have started shooting for Gangaa. It is a really important cameo as the track has now headed towards the death of Barkha. I am excited to play a cop again."

Interestingly, Jaswir has played a cop earlier in CID and Gustakh Dil. But never has she worn the police uniform in any of the roles. Even in Gangaa, she will be seen sporting a sophisticated civilian look, with shirts and pants.

Source (Tellychakkar)

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