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Kashmera Shah's sassy tips to keep INTIMACY alive


The term 'dangerous curves ahead' has never come more alive than in visceral sexuality of the sizzling beauty Kashmera Shah. The 'Patli kamar' bombshell can make any man go weak in the knees with her oomph factor.

Kashmera, who is in love with actor-comedian Krushna Abhishek, shares five tips on how can couples keep their intimacy alive. Read on:

Sexy dinner
A couple should treat each other to romantic and sexy dinners. There are many types of food that can turn your partner on. Non-vegetarians should have oysters, washed down by a glass of a wine, while vegetarians can eat onions as it helps to boost your sex drive.

Change of environment
Sometimes, same places get boring for couples, hence one must take an effort to plan a holiday or a night out at an exotic place. Find time to rest so that you can enjoy some time together. Make each other a priority. After your sexy time, hold and talk to each other. Feel relaxed in each other's arms and express feelings of love. I don't have staff at my place post 8pm so that I can spend personal time with Krushna.

Foreplay is very important in sexual encounters. The act helps in warming up, which leads to pleasurable sex. Also, remember that foreplay should be performed for a while to really keep the groove on.

Surprise your partner
Kiss, love, look, speak and touch each other gently as this may trigger feelings of passion. One must remember to not make one's sex life monotonous. Bring variations and surprise element that can keep your intimacy and romance alive.

Stay clean
Stained clothes, unshaved private parts and stinking armpits are a big turn off. Intimate body parts need special care. Make sure to shower and dress up neatly to impress your partner.

Kash has sure nailed it with these tips. Do you guys want to share your thought too? If you got any tips, share with us by commenting below!

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