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Salman Khan to declare Mandana Karimi as the WINNER of Bigg Boss 9, reveals Puneet Vashishta!


Every weekend we come across eliminations wherein the contestant who happens to get the least number of votes, leaves the show. The format has been penned this way since all the past seasons of Bigg Boss and (foolish) viewers like us cast our votes assuming our votes matter! But well, unfortunately I'll have to bring you to the reality now! The evictions are NOT based only on your votes but majorly rely on Colors Channel and host Salman Khan! Yes! In fact, even the winner of this season has tentatively been decided and it's going to be none other than Mandana Karimi! Can you believe it?

While Arvind Vegda had already spoken about this manipulative game in my earlier interview! Recently evicted contestant Puneet Vashishta further elaborates how Bigg Boss 9 is no longer a reality show! He says, "Everything is finalised according to Salman. I am not saying the show is scripted but you really need to be in the good books of Salman to last on this show! Last year Gautam Gulati won the show because he is so much like a version of Salman. Toh socha hoga haan chalo yeh meri tarah hai and he won! This year I am so sure Salman is going to make Mandana Karimi win.Although I am no one to judge but according to my reading, she is the biggest two faced woman I have ever seen in my life! She was good friends with me initially but gradually changed sides as per her wish. But Bigg Boss will never focus on that. They'll only show her side where she is complaining about Kishwer, acting cute or showing her dresses to people around. Nobody is seeing the inner side and everybody is seeing just the outer manipulative side! Ethics wise this is a total SHIT show!"

Puneet also added how he believes his eviction too might have been plotted by Salman. "I dunno why Salman doesn't like me but it was evident! Maybe he couldn't see my talent selling on the show. I was shocked when I found out that the whole segment where Aman and I performed a talent house task was deleted from the weekend episode. Why would Salman want to sell someone else's talent on his show? Even my votes weren't less! I figured out that I got huge support from my people who had actually voted for me. But Salman personally didn't like me. Or maybe even the channel thought I am not being how they wanted me to be inside the house. They introduced me to create fights, controversies. But after a while, I was like why should I act so fake? I am not such a kind of person and can't live in lies! So yea, everything came against me but I am glad I am out. Realised a lot of things in that few days stay on Bigg Boss 9?

Well, too many shocking revelations to digest right? We are as shocked as you are. Especially hearing how Mandana is strategically framed to become the winner of Bigg Boss 9! What are your thoughts about this (non)-reality show?

Source (BollywoodLife)

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