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Bigg Boss 9: 3 reasons why we LOVE Rochelle Rao and Keith Sequeira on Bigg Boss 9!


Aren't they totally setting relationship goals for you?

If there's anything I am liking about Bigg Boss 9 right now apart from host Salman Khan, it has to be Rochelle Rao and Keith Sequeira. They are so good together! I was genuinely very happy when I got to know Keith is returning back on the show. Coz let's face it! He is the only one who is a little sensible and has a knack of balancing relationships inside the house. Didn't we all just love him when he resolved differences between Rochelle and Mandana Karimi? Well, here are 3 reasons why we are totally in awe of Keith and Rochelle on Bigg Boss 9!

Always together

No matter what the situation is, Roch and Keith have never gone against each other. They make sure they remain strong and don't bridge a gap for others to intervene. I think this kind of understanding is very important in a relationship, especially when you know you are on a show like Bigg Boss where you are bound to face differences!

Not emotional fools

Unlike Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchantt who depend on each other for every little thing, Roch and Keith are playing really fair. They understand the fact this game can't be played emotionally which is why they never favor each other during any task. I know it's difficult to see ur love lose, but see from the eyes of Roch and Keith and you will always be a winner!

Individual identity

Although in the beginning Rochelle was referred to as Keith's nagging girlfriend where people like Kishwer would even bitch about her saying how she has no opinion of herself. But we're glad the perception about Roch is not the same anymore. Blame it on Keith's temporary exit from the show, Rochelle has beautifully brought out her own identity, her own opinion and how she can fight the game alone! Well, we totally respect you for this Roch.

If you too agree with us, tell us in the comments below and stay tuned to Tvtalks for more updates!

Source (Bollywoodlife)

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