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Shravan Reddy and Krishna Mukherjee in MTV Big F


MTV Big F (Bodhi Tree) is treating audience with some bold content on TV. So, once again gear up to see an interesting and sizzling episode in the series.

Starring the young and good looking duo Shravan Reddy and Krishna Mukherjee, the episode will soon air a very romantic episode in the coming days.

The story would focus on a young girl Jia, who is a sportswoman. But an accident will leave her physically challenged. Later, she will bump into a handsome looking guy Maan, and get attracted towards him. However, she would refrain from accepting her feelings for the guy, due to her insecurity complex.

How will Maan help Jia accept the love in her life would be for viewers to see.

When contacted, Shravan confirmed the development and shared, “I do these episodic, as it feels like a mini film experience. This way at least I get to face the camera regularly also.”

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