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Policy Factory lacks publicity: Tarun Khanna


Tarun Khanna, who is better known as Shamsher Singh of SAB TV's Police Factory, is one of the finest actors on TV. The actor has exhibited his acting prowess in Mahadev and Rang Rasiya as well! Let's find out a little more about the actor.... Shamsher Singh is the best role that an actor can play Shamsher is smart, fit, strong, patriotic and a very desirable man. He is character with so many traits....who wouldn’t like to portray onscreen?

More than patriotism, I believe in humanity... I have my own theories. We have drawn boundaries in our country and fight for water as if we have made it. I am Indian, but more than patriotism, I believe in humanity. I wanted to become an IPS officer... I was a bright kid and my teachers always thought I could join UPSC or IPS. Being a movie buff, I become a fan of Nata Patekar after watching him in Prahaar. From that moment onward, I thought of joining the army. I am trained in karate with a black belt...But destiny had other plans for me so acting came to my way. Police Factory requires proper publicity Initially, our show did pretty well. Now, despite being on weekend slots, people watch and enjoy our show. I think Police Factory requires more publicity. It is a show that has drama, comedy, thriller and action. I am not money-minded!

For me, a good script matters and not money. I am not at all money-minded. I have quit a show due to character dissatisfaction despite being paid well. People enjoy watching me in negative roles I enjoy doing both positive and negative roles on TV. But people like me in negative roles. An actor needs to be charismatic, not good looking There are many famous actors who are not good looking, but are charismatic. Good looks will work for five minutes, but after that, acting matters. I am a very good cook

One secret that I would like to reveal is that I am a very good cook. But I rarely take it up...that too only for myself. My wife is more talented than me There is a competition between me and my wife (Smriti Khanna). She is more talented than me as she is a good actor, dancer and also an excellent wife. Woah! Well said Man!!!

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