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Aman Sandhu: to enter Neeli Chatri Waale


The series follows a common man named Bhagwan Das who is torn between his personal and professional life. He is bullied by his boss, wife, and father, and his children are ashamed of his profession as an underwear salesman. Bhagwan Das meets Shivaye, a human representation of the Hindu god Shiva. Shivaye, whom only Bhagwan Das can see, guides Bhagwan through various dilemmas.

Neeli Chatri Waale is an Indian television program produced by Ashwni Dhir and broadcast on Zee TV. Aman Sandhu entering in Zee TV Neeli Chatri Waale is introducing Mamaji’s family and Aman Sandhu is playing “Kiran”, Bhagwan Das’s sister in law who is getting married very soon. She will come to invite Bhagwan Das for her marriage. Story Goes on...

She convinces Bhagwan Das and her sister to come for marriage because Bhagwan Das and Kiran’s Father have differences.

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