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My screen mother filled a void in my heart : Chandan K Anand


Delhi theatre actor and Zindagi's Bhaage Re Mann lead actor Chandan K Anand is winning many hearts with his portrayal of Chunmum aka Raghav in the channel's first Indian show.

Though in the show Chunmum's mother is a overpowering and controlling mom to a grown un man, in real life she reminds Chandan of his mother Shashi whom he lost to a Cancerian brain tumour a couple of years ago. He says, "The other day she got mutter paneer which my mom used to make. I broke down thinking of her. Kanikaji has filled a void in my heart that no one else could.

Chandan's role in Bhaage Re Mann, Chunmoon, is of a simple guy, a good hearted person and respects his mother. But he is at a stage to get out of the boundary and find love. "He is liked by every person in the family, he is a support system to everyone in the family. He heads a company and is respectful of women and those around him. But he it comes to love, he's clueless. He doesn't know how to deal with that situation. Which is a very positive trait in a hero, but this definition is differently perceived by everyone," says Chandan.

Season 1 of the show is about to come to an end and Chandan is looking forward to the release of his film Parched by Leena Yadav. "The show has had a good run and is ending on a very interesting note which will make the viewers want to know what happens in the second season."

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