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Bhoomi fails to win Bhabhi Maa's challenge


Drama seems to have gripped Bhoomi's (Simran Pareenja) life in &TV's Bhagyalakshmi (Rashmi Sharma Productions) from the time she decided to start her own catering business.

To pay off Bhabhi Maa's (Aruna Irani) debt, Bhoomi is trying her level best but Suman (Ashita Dhawan) has been the villain in her life.

Shares a source, "Bhabhi Maa will challenge Bhoomi to keep maun vrat (vow of silence). Suman will over hear their conversation and would decide to break her challenge to prove that Bhoomi is not the perfect bahu for the family. Suman will bring a snake and keep it in Bhoomi's room. Seeing the snake, Bhoomi will get scared and would scream, and thus Suman will succeed in her plan. However, the snake would later follow Suman and the scene would turn out to be funny."

So will Bhoomi clear Bhabhi Maa's debts? Or would Suman destroy all her challenges?

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