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Awww story: Nandish disagrees to agree with Rashami


In a recent love challenge that involved the infamous lie detector test, Rashami Desai confessed to having undergone a cosmetic surgery.

On the contrary, Nandish, who was watching the test on a screen outside the room, was amused by Rashami's answers as he wasn't aware of Rashami having gone under the knife.Rashami's answer was detected as the correct one by the Polygraph lie detector. Nandish maintained that his wife has done cosmetic treatments that every actor undertakes because professionally they are expected to look good at all times. Nandish argued that Rashami mistook cosmetic treatments for cosmetic surgery.

Sources say, "It was rather cute of Nandish to take a stand for Rashami making her understand the difference between the two treatments. But either way they won a heart in the love challenge."

Source (TOI)

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