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Will Ananaya choose Ronnie over Kabir?


While Ananya is yet to figure out a way to confess her feelings for Kabir. Ronnie has gone ahead with his proposal. What next? Read on to find out…
By now we all know what Ananya feels for Kabir. Though they have faced several misunderstandings in the past, Ananya has always wished to be Kabir's girl. Finally when she's realising that its high time she should propose to Kabir, Ronnie has made the big move. Yes! It all happened in yesterday's episode where Ronnie wasted no time and went down on his knees! What was Ananya's reaction you ask?

Well, Ms Kashyap replied I love you too" and brushed if off as a friendly vibe. But Ronnie insisted further, went down on his knees and repeated the three magical words with vows to spend the rest of his life with Ananya! Awww..That moment was too cute and considering how Ronnie is so affectionate and cares so much for Ananya and her family. I personally would want her to go with Ronnie.

However, in the precap we get to see Ananya is totally confused. Richa warns Ananya about Malvika and her envious intentions. But on the other hand, Malvika warns Ananya that Kabir is not meant for any commitment. He uses girls and throws them like a tissue paper.

Who will Ananya trust now? Will she believe Malvika's words and reconsider her feelings for Kabir? Will she accept Ronnie's proposal? Or will she give up on everyone and walk up to Kabir for love? Keep watching this space for interesting twists and turns on the show! I'm sure there's going to be lots in the coming episodes…

Source (Bollywoodlife)

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