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Kumkum Bhagya: Revealed! The new villain in Abhi and Pragya’s life


Abhi and Pragya are going through a rough patch, And if you thought that Tanu and Aaliya were their only enemies and that Nikhil and Mitali Bhabhi are amongst the others who want Abhi destroyed, then think again! A new villain is set to enter their life now. And it is none other than Annuraag Sharrma aka Raj, Abhi’s own brother who was accused wrongly by his wife. The Mr Goody is ready to play a bad boy. And yes he will be in the able company of Abhi’s mean little sister Aaliya. Looks like Aaliya is the biggest criminal in the house and needs to be jailed asap! Yes, we saw how Tanu succeeded in getting Abhi out of his house. She is all satisfied that Abhi and his family are no longer in talking terms. Now she believes that Abhi and she will have their happily ever after. But her bubble will burst when she finds out that Abhi is ready to free Pragya from their marriage bond, but not himself. Abhi doesn’t want to give Pragya’s place to anybody, not even his pregnant girlfriend. So, he refuses to marry Tanu. In order get her way Tanu pretends to commit suicide and win Pragya’s sympathy. Pragya decides to help Tanu get married to Abhi without knowing the real truth. On the other side Nikhil is unable to reveal the truth to everyone that he is the real father of Tanu’s unborn baby. And yes, Aaliya finds a new ally in Raj. She meets and requests him to side with her. Raj is rejected by Abhi and the family after he is falsely accused of trying to steal Pragya’s marriage hall. He’s out to get revenge, so he will become the new villain of the show. What will happen next? stay tuned for more updates..

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