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Virat Kohli's special friendship with Karan


Bollywood and cricket have an age old relationship. The connection between the entertainment industry and India's most followed sport runs deep. While several cricketers have featured in Hindi films, many actors have played them on the silver screen.

Cricketers and B'town actors are also known for their thick friendships and relationships. Be it Aamir Khan and Sachin Tendulkar, Sangeeta Bijlani and Mohammad Azharuddin to cite a few examples, the two seem inseparable.

Another young cricketer who has been in the news of late is Virat Kohli, the next big thing in Indian cricket (if he already isn't!) Virat has caught everybody's eye and has been a talking point for his relationship with Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma.

However, Virat also has a special connection with another star, and no, we are not talking about Anushka.

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