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Five things that make Ishita absolutely adorable


Ishita is our much-loved STAR Plus character and she is extremely sweet and simple. She plays a Tamilian woman in the show and is extremely lively and vivacious.

1) Ishita loves children but cannot have kids due to a medical issue. She shares a unique and special bond with little Ruhi.

2) Ishita had married Raman just for the sake of giving Ruhi a good and secure home. But now she has grown deeply attached to the entire Bhalla family.

3) Ishita has started caring for her Ravan Kumar a lot. She loves taking care of him as she knows that he has gone through a lot due to his previous divorce with Shagun.

4) Ishita loves her job as a dentist, she works extremely hard. Even if parents call her in the middle of the night, she is always ready to help as she cannot see anyone, especially children in pain.

5) Ishita believes that we should always stand by our loved ones and hence she is always there for her in-laws as well as her own Iyer family. She does not hesitate to stand up for what is right as she strongly believes that the truth always prevails.

Ishita is a strong, independent woman and also a loving mother, a caring daughter-in-law, an obedient daughter and an understanding wife. These qualities make Ishita absolutely adorable and sweet.

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