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Baldev to attempt suicide in Veera!


Beyond Dreams Production's popular show Veera on Star Plus, which is grabbing the attention of the viewers with its twists and turns will soon gear up with another high voltage drama in the show.

As per the on-going track, Baldev (Vishal Vashishtha) ill treats Veera (Digangana Suryavanshi) as he gets to know that Veera has married just to save him from the punishment. Whereas on the other hand, Veera is trying to collect evidence to prove him innocent.

Our source informs us, "Rajveer will try to manipulate Veera as he wants Baldev's memory card which has some evidence that will prove him innocent. So Rajveer will call Veera and tell her that he will help her to prove Baldev innocent and for that he will ask Veera to give him Baldev's memory card without telling about it to anyone."

"Veera will meet Rajveer and will give him the memory card. Baldev will come to about Rajveer and Veera's meeting and feels cheated as he will assume the Rajveer and Veera are still together and are plotting against him. Thus in a drunkard state, he will accuse Veera and won't let her utter a word. Out of anger he will pull out a gun and make an attempt to shoot himself, but his attempt will be futile. Next he will point the gun towards Veera and try to shoot her, but again his attempt will be futile. Later when again he will try to shoot himself, Baldev's friend will come and try to stop him," ends our source.

Will Veera be able to clear out the misunderstanding? Will she succeed in proving Baldev innocent?
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