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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: It’s so LAME of Raman to not tell Ishita about Shagun’s truth!


First Raman tricks Ishita into signing the papers for surrogacy and now he's not telling her the truth. WTF is wrong with him?

In the last episode, we saw Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi), Shagun(Anita Hassanandani) and Raman(Karan Patel) visiting Ruhi's school and having a word with her teacher.Things got ugly when Ishita taunted Shagun and the latter, stormed off. Later, Raman and Ishita were seen having an argument over Shagun. Ishita asked him why he was giving her special treatment, but Raman avoided the topic and walked off. Later,Manoj met Raman and advised him to tell Ishita the truth about Shgaun's pregnancy as him hiding the same, was causing problems between him and Ishita. Raman decided to follow Manoj's advise and was seen approaching Ishita, to tell her the truth. But he ruined it all after rushing to see Shagun, when Manoj informed him about her bleeding. The episode ended with Ishita breaking down after seeing Raman's behaviour.

I don't get why Raman is being such an airhead! Firstly, him tricking Ishita into signing the surrogacy papers was itself a stupid and insensitive thing to do. And now? He's acting as if Shagun is his wife and not Ishita! I get that Shagun is pregnant and needs special care, but he should treat her this way only by letting Ishita know the truth. Him doing the same without telling Ishita, is lame and STUPID. Raman's honestly got to be the dumbest male character I have ever come across on TV. Grow up Mr Bhalla and stop playing surrogacy surrogacy! It's not a game!

Do you think Raman is acting stupid by not letting Ishita know the truth? Post your comments in the box below!

Source (Bollywoodlife)

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