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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani’s Drashti Dhami catches an eye infection!


The actress is in severe pain due to the same

The plot of Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani is thickening by the day. With a new accusation, a new enemy to fight everytime, Gayatri's life is surrounded with struggles. But it's not just the reel-life that is difficult, at the moment, Gayatri aka Drashti Dhami's facing some serious trouble in real life too. Reportedly, the actress has caught an eye infection and is in severe pain due to the same for the past week. A source from the sets informed BollywoodLife, "Drashti has got a serious eye infection from 7-8 days but she's being very secretive about it since she did not want sympathy stories about her doing rounds."

However, despite the infection the actress has been reporting on sets everyday. But how does she shoot with an infected eye, we wondered. The same source further added that they've been shooting parts where her face is not visible- only back and side profile shots. Well, we are aware that the actress is a pro when it comes to technicalities such as camera angles and profiles. Her co-star Siddhant Karnick aka Ranaji, had earlier said how she's an expert with these things and has often given him some really helpful tips too.

Well, we wish the actress a very speedy recovery and hope she's relived of her pain soon enough.

SPOILER: We earlier informed you that Ranaji will soon find out that him blaming Gayatri of infidelity is a mistake. He will then run out in search of Gayatri who, is lying somewhere in the jungle after a snake bite. Whether this would mark the start of their love story or not, we'll soon find out. Till then stay tuned!

Source (Bollywoodlife)

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