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When Namish's friend FLIRTED with his mother


We all have that one friend, who puts us in some embarrassing situations.

And the popular young actor, Namish Taneja of Swaragini fame, is no exception to this.

For those who want to know about a super embarrassing moment of the actor's life, here we are sharing the story with you all.

Well the cute, young boy, who himself is quite a prankster and have fooled his brother and father often, got pranked by his witty mommy dear.

Want to learn more about the incident? Let's hear it from the boy directly.

Namish quipped, "My mother is quite good in voice modulation and can speak in many voices. At times, she calls me from random numbers, changing her voice and talks to me. On one such day, when my mother called me from a different number and spoke to me in a different tone, I couldn't even guess that it was her. She bothered me for almost half an hour or so. Irritated with her, I asked one of my friends to call her and scold her for bothering me. But, that over smart friend of mine, instead of speaking to her about my case, started flirting with her".

Oh no!!!

What happened next was surely too embarrassing for the buddies. When finally the mommy dear revealed her truth, Namish and his pal were in a state of shock.

"Though later on, I and mom had a good laugh, nevertheless, I was too ashamed of whatever happened. I think my mom keeps a check on me by doing all these and after this call I believe she is assured that beta abhi bhi sharif hai (her son is still well behaved)", added Namish.

No doubt, Namish your mother's prank did not turn out well for you, but we can't stop laughing.

Have a good time young lad.

Source (Tellychakkar)

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