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Girlfriend Kishwer biased towards Suyyash on Bigg Boss?


Last night the fights in the Bigg Boss house definitely kept the drama quotient up!

And now in tonight's episode, gear up to see 'behan' Kishwer Merchantt betraying her 'bhai' Prince Narula for her 'beau' Suyyash Rai.

Well, as per housemates, the duo Suyyash and Kishwer had been pairing up all along and fighting each other's war.

As per the rules set by Bigg Boss, Prince and Suyyash's team had to dance and party, when their assigned song was to be played.

In the middle of the night at around, 3 am, Prince's song- Aaj ki party mere taraf se will wake the housemates and they will be seen rushing to the activity area to dance with Prince.

With the party mood on full force, the housemates would forget wearing the mikes. Observing the folly, Kishwer would forewarn Suyyash' team to not repeat the mistake.

At around 5 am, when Suyyash' song Galla Godiyan would play, everyone in his team would start shaking their booties, but with their mikes on.

And taking it in consideration, Kishwer would announce Suyyash as the winner.

She mentioned that Prince's team was more entertaining, them not wearing the mike was the reason for them to lose.

But the camera soon caught her telling boyfriend Suyyash that she can make Prince's team lose whenever she wants!

With the 'extra' friend added on Suyyash' list, will he win the challenge?

Source (Tellychakkar)

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