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Bigg Boss 9: Rishabh Sinha makes Suyyash Rai CRY


The TV actor will be inconsolable

Bigg Boss 9 has become very interesting since wild card contestant Rishabh Sinha entered the house. He has been playing mind games, creating fights and even flirting with a few girls. But tonight he will do something that will make Suyyash Rai cry like a baby!

We revealed to you earlier that the Bigg Boss 9 house will converted into a seven star hotel for the luxury budget task and all the contestants except Rishabh and Mandana will be the workers at the hotel. The duo will be guests and they will be served food, drinks and all other services that they want by the hotel staff.

The fun will begin as the hotel opens. Mandana and Rishabh will be quick to target Kishwer as the wild card entrant doesn't like her. They will make her run throughout the house to get things during the day.

But that's not the end of Kishwer's problems. Rishabh will give her a go-fetch task where she will have to act like a dog and fetch the bone thrown by Mandana and Rishabh. They keep on throwing the bone and she goes around as a dog, collects the bone and gives it back to Rishabh.

Seeing Kishwer being treated like this, Suyyash will start crying as he will not be able to see his girlfriend in that condition. Prince and Yuvika will try to console him but he will keep on crying.

Source (Bollywoodlife)

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