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Asma Badar is Playing lesbian In her next mTv's show "Big F"


Asma is playing a lesbian in her upcoming show MTV's "big F" she told she is playing A successful Fashion designer "Sharmishta" Who has no fear or any doubts when it comes to her profession. She is confident about her decisions. Being in the fashion industry, she has achieved quite a name & fame for herself. Never been in any kind of a controversy. So far Sharmishtha's life was giving her all she wanted.

One fine day, There's a turning point of her life, She was looking for a Model who could wear her designer clothes and display it at the fashion show and that's where she meets Madhurima. Sharmishtha fell head over heels for her. For Sharmishtha, it was a breathtaking moment and she couldn't get Madhurima out of her head. Sharmishtha really wanted to get close to Madhurima. And that's how the journey of Love begins in Sharmishtha's Life.

She said she is thrilled to perform a lesbian character because she has never done it in her life. It's a challenging role for an actor to perform such characters especially in the society we live in.

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