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Bigg Boss 9: Mandana Karimi to leave the show midway?


Mandana Karimi. Yes, you heard it right! Mandana will be eliminated from the house tomorrow night. But, she won't be going home as there is a catch to this new twist.

Today, the second team will play Shararti Bachche, while team A will be the care takers. And while Mandana wasn't actively participating yesterday coz of her health issues, she will be back to her normal self today and will start troubling the staff members of the day care centre. This won't go down well with the staff and Prince will complain that yesterday she was acting fake.

This will irritate Mandana and she will stop performing again. The task will end tomorrow night and Rimi, the supervisor of the task, will be asked to give her decision on the person who has performed worst in the task.

First, Rimi will suggest that she is the worst performer coz she didn't perform the task of the supervisor, but Bigg Boss will insist that she has to name one person from the two teams.

Rimi will then name Mandana and tell that she didn't perform the task as actively as other since she was unwell. Bigg Boss will then inform Mandana to pack her bags and leave! Yes, he will ask her to leave. Mandana will be happy, but the others will be shocked.

When she will leave the house, the contestants will still not be convinced. She will come out, but that's when she will be directed to a secret room!

In the earlier seasons as well there have been these secret houses where the secret contestant spy on the other contestants. Similarly, Mandana will now stay in this secret room and will be doing the surveillance of the house and the other contestants.

Like other seasons, Mandana is also likely to return back to the house in a few days. Are you excited to see this new twist? There are more interesting things planned for Mandana and the rest of the contestants during this week.

Source (Bollywoodlife)

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