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  • Rs 2 crore! That’s how much Rimi Sen was offered as the signing amount for Bigg Boss 9!

Rs 2 crore! That’s how much Rimi Sen was offered as the signing amount for Bigg Boss 9!


We are as surprised as you are…

We all know how Rimi Sen is the least interested contestant on Bigg Boss 9. She is hating the fact that she signed up for a crap show like this which is nothing but a torture machine. Well, let me tell you guys that even if Rimi doesn't make it to the finale, she is taking home a whopping prize money, that's more than the winning amount! Yes! That's right! We just got to hear that Rimi was paid a bomb of Rs 2 crore as the signing amount, more than what the winner is entitled to get! Can you believe it?

Although we agree Rimi is comparitively one of the most popular contestants and it is but obvious she would be paid more but Rs 2 crore is apparently the highest fee for any contestant in the history of Bigg Boss. Our source EXCLUSIVELY reveals to us that apart from the signing amount, every contestant is further being paid on weekly basis and the amount offered varies from one contestant to another, depending upon the celebrity's popularity. So the one who is the least popular has been locked on a pay roll of Rs 3 lakh per week whereas the one who is highly popular is getting close to Rs 5 lakh per week. The contestants are entitled to this weekly fees until they survive the game and the winner of the show gets the prize money (which is around Rs 40 lakh for according to a report), in addition to their weekly fee.

Well, if Rimi was actually been paid Rs 2 crore as the signing amount, the contestant with the highest weekly fee of Rs 5 lakh will still get less money than Rimi, even if he or she wins the 15-week-long show. (15 weeks x Rs 5 lakh = Rs 75 lakh; Add to that the prize money of Rs 40 lakh, and the total only reaches upto Rs 1.15 crore).

Quite a shocker no? Share your thoughts and keep watching this space for more updates on Bigg Boss 9.

Source (Bollywoodlife)

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