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Bigg Boss 9 episode 38: Mandana hides in Secret Room, Rochelle calls Prince a troublemaker, while Kishwer calls Rimi fake!


Here is a lowdown on what happened inside on Day 38

Bigg Boss 9 brought a new twist today. The superficial behaviour of some contestants was also exposed today. Here is a look at highlights.

Rochelle says she has control on her temper this week and hence is best performer of week. Mandana Karimi and Rochelle praise Suyyash Rai as a captain but say that Prince Narula is a troublemaker.

Rimi Sen says that Shararti Bachha luxury budget task she was worst performer. When she was asked to nominate a fellow contestant she names Mandana, who quit due to ill-health.

Bigg Boss tells the Iranian beauty that she has been evicted due to her bad performance and she has to pack her bags and leave the house through front door. She is very tearful. Later, we see her advising Digangana Suryavanshi to be strong. She tells Rochelle that she and Keith Sequeira are a great couple. Rimi says she is sure that she is going to be here till the grand finale now.

It is revealed that Mandana is not evicted but kept in secret room of Bigg Boss. They wonder who will be the new contestant in the house. Suyyash Rai, Kishwer Merchantt and Prince Narula say that she was one of the strongest contestants while Rishabh Sinha wonders who the new wild card is.

Aman Verma tells people that Bigg Boss has not sent Mandana away but she is in secret room. The contestants have to behave in a manner that Mandana feels like nominating them for eviction. Kishwer says that she and Prince Narula are most likely for nomination.

Rimi says she comes across as a trustworthy person and people feel she is genuine. She says Mandana is very deserving person. Rochelle and Aman chat about her. On the other hand, the Iranian damsel says she is surprised to see people talking so much about her. She is upset about Rochelle.

Prince Narula tells Rochelle that he did not like it when she said that she felt unsafe with him. She also says it would be unfair to bring Mandana back inside the house.

Kishwer says she is happy that Mandana is out as she thinks she is a headache. She feels the house is a better place without her. She also says that Rimi has started taking interest in the happenings. The Bong beauty says her bank balance will increase if she stays inside the house.

Rimi says she wants to increase her bank balance without doing anything. She also says that people are here for money, which upsets some of the participants. Kishwer calls her fake.

Mandana says she is shocked at negativity around her and says she never felt so powerful as she does now. She vows revenge on all those who backstabbed her inside the house.

Source (Tellychakkar)

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