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Arjun Kapoor takes up altitude training for Khatron Ke Khiladi 7!


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Arjun Kapoor has taken to altitude training and has been at it for over four months. The actor wanted to get fit within a short period of time. He'd already been doing pilates. Incidentally, both routines are very different. Pilates is a cardiovascular exercise and altitude training is about building strength, flexibility and body conditioning. They complement each other, so, Arjun decided to take it up.

Says his trainer, "Altitude training takes place in a room where the oxygen level has been reduced. It increases the metabolic rate, helps acclimatise, improves cardiovascular heath and improves sleep cycle. Arjun joined my studio at the end of June first for pilates and then after a few classes, he took up altitude training. He comes as often as his travel schedule permits. Usually altitude training is done for about 40 minutes but even a 30-minute workout is extremely effective. It's like working out for more than an hour in a gym. Also, by working out in the altitude training room your metabolic rate stays high for almost 12 hours after your workout, hence we call it like pilates, a Train Smart form of exercise, as it is very effective and time efficient. A lot of people take up altitude training, celebrities, athletes, people wanting to go for a trek, or simply a holiday at higher altitude. Fitness enthusiasts also do altitude training in order to get fitter."

Arjun has taken it up to be fit for the reality show that he is hosting!

Source (Bollywoodlife)

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