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Bigg Boss 9 Episode 44: Priya Malik accuses Rishabh Sinha of sexual assault; Kanwaljeet Singh makes Mandana Karimi cry!


Here's all the drama that unfolded today at Bigg Boss house

With every episode, the drama in the ninth season of Bigg Boss is slowly peaking. With wild card entries Kanwaljeet Singh and Priya Malik entering the house, there is lot of tension in the mad house of Bigg Boss. Lets have a look at what happened in tonight's episode:

Priya Malik flaunts her tattoos to Rishabh Sinha

The latest wild card entrant Priya Malik and Rishabh Sinha got close and comfortable with each other. While they were interacting, there was a hint of flirting in it. Later, Priya Malik flaunts her tattoos to Rishabh Sinha and tells him that there are more tattoos on her body which he will never see. To this, Rishabh replies by telling that he never wishes to get that lucky. If this isn't flirting, then what is?

BB Dairy task

Bigg Boss announces a new luxury task called BB Dairy. In this task, two teams captained by Prince and Rimi were to milk cows and were supposed to deliver 25 packets each at the end of the task. While Prince chose Rishabh, Kanwaljeet and Rochelle, Rimi's team consisted of Mandana, Priya and Suyyash. At the end of the task, Prince's team is declared winner.

Rishabh licks Priya's finger

Priya Malik and Rishabh Sinha got into a major tiff when Rishabh licked Priya's finger. It all happened when Priya had held the tap under the cow and was creating a ruckus if someone tried to remove her hand by force, calling their move as a physical assault. Rishabh then did something ugly as he licked Priya's fingers in an attempt to make her remove her hands from the tap. While Priya cried foul play and accused Rishabh of getting sexual, in his defence Rishabh said that he was just playing the game. Later on, Kanwaljeet's rather insensitive comments about the incident irked Priya even more as she lashed out severely on Prince and his team for being too aggressive.

Kanwaljeet hurts Mandana

Kanwaljeet made Mandana cry, when he shoved her hand away from his team's bucket of milk. Mandana tried to spill the bucket of milk accumulated by Prince's team and in order to sabotage her attempt Kanwaljeet shoved her away physically. Later Mandana cried and blamed Kanwaljeet for injuring her. Was Kanwaljeet at fault or is Mandana just a cry baby?

Prince plays it foul but Rochelle ensures fairness in the task

When two teams where busy filling their buckets of milk in packets, Rishabh and Prince devised an evil plan to spill the milk of Rimi's team by catching them off guard using force. When Priya and Mandana cried foul play, it was Rochelle who came forward to ensure fairness in the game. She asked the opposition team to refill their bucket of milk and promised that her team will wait until Rimi's team refills their bucket.

Prince celebrates his birthday

The day comes to an end with Prince Narula celebrating his birthday in the house. Obviously, his friends Kishwer and Suyyash were the most excited. But later everyone joined in
and wished Prince on his birthday.

Source (Bollywooodlife)

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