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Bigg Boss 9 Episode 45: Priya Malik calls Kawaljeet Singh a ‘pig’, Rochelle Maria Rao sheds tears and Mandana Karimi takes away Rimi Sen’s make up


Major showdowns, tears and backbiting take centrestage inside the house

After facing flak for being boring, the makers of Bigg Boss have slowly upped the entertainment quotient by bringing in volatile contestants. It is evident with the behaviour of Priya Malik and Kawaljeet Singh inside the house. Here is a lowdown of what happened inside the house.

Priya-Kawaljeet showdown
What sets up the tempo first up is the fight between Priya Malik and Kawaljeet Singh in the course of the Bigg Boss Dairy task. The Australian Big Brother contestant says that he doesn't act his age and he is picking up fights. After a heated volley, Priya calls Kawaljeet a 'pig'. They discuss how he is wrongly using his age card. He also gets compared to ex-Bigg Boss contestant Imam Siddiqui.

Rimi Sen gets an earful
The Bong beauty who is infamous for not working hard inside the house gets an earful from Priya Malik on how to develop a strategy and lead the team to victory. Kawaljeet is the object of discussion as Mandana Karimi, Rochelle Maria Rao and Priya Malik talk about him.

Keith Sequeira's name gets dragged
Rochelle Maria Rao tells Kawaljeet not to talk about her boyfriend, Keith Sequeira. She says if he has the guts he should open his mouth before her boyfriend. When Kawaljeet says he knew Samyukta, Keith's ex-wife Rochelle says she does not give a damn. All this happens, after he tries to apologise to her.

Stealing of pipes
Prince Narula attempts to steal the cans but returns them at Suyyash Rai's behest. Priya also steals the cans and refuses to return them. She says her team lost points due to the friendship business.

Babaji's sermon
Babaji tells Suyyash that he is a good player but needs to understand team games. He also says he has ro do better. He also calls Rimi and tells her he is happy that he is doing some work but he feels he needs to be more whole-hearted about it. He expresses happiness at Mandana's diligence. Later, Priya is shown a clip where team captains Rimi Sen and Prince Narula are shown. She sees that Rimi has given away most of the cutlery to the other team.

The last word
Priya tells Rimi that she does not want to lose because of Rimi's fault and suffer in the luxury budget task. This upsets Mandana further and she says that it is not fair that Rimi is not giving her hundred percent to the task while Mandana is performing the task in spite of being sick. In a huff, Mandana takes away Rimi's make-up indefinitely.

Allegation-counter allegation
Rishabh Sinha says Mandana Karimi that she is abusing him in Iranian and tells her to talk in Hindi. Priya Malik and Prince have an argument during the dairy task. Priya Malik says that Kawaljeet is being racist when he says that tissue is used in toilets in Australia. Priya takes offence and says Bigg Boss must remove Kawaljeet out of the house. He says he is apologetic but Rochelle Maria Rao and Priya Malik are in no mood to listen to his sorry. The day ends with Prince Narula declaring his victory and him telling Suyyash that he is still friends with Rochelle.

The day ends with Bigg Boss gifting cakes to Prince Narula and Rochelle.

Source (Bollywoodlife)

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