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Bigg Boss 9 is too boring: RJ Pritam Singh


This superstar of radio is known for his quirky style and witty words. Not only in his chat show, but also on Bigg Boss, Pritam Singh, more popularly known as Pritam Pyaare, charmed us with his antics.

Recently we caught up with Pritam and quizzed him Bigg Boss Nau (Endemol & Colors). Visibly disappointed with the season, Pritam commented, "Honestly stating, I am not following Bigg Boss this season and I assume anyone is doing that. This season is way too boring. Unfortunately none of the contestant is entertaining and fights, without engaging into fun activity. Fight without any entertainment is making it a dull show".

So, what is going wrong this time? Pritam averred, "I think the time slot is not working at all. Not many are awake till late night. Moreover, the contestants I feel have failed to provide the audience with any kind of content so far. My season worked because it had different flavours, which viewers loved".

Before concluding the quick chatty season we quizzed Pritam, if he would name any of the ex-contestant, who can enter the house now, to spice up the drama. And the humourous man replied, "More than a month has passed, but nothing is working on their behalf. And now, I don't think that anything or anyone can make the show better and attract attention of masses".

Pritam, we understand your point and wish something spicy happens soon enough.

Source (Tellychakkar)

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