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Exclusive! Rimi Sen to QUIT Bigg Boss 9 tonight? Watch video!


Is this finally happening? No way can you afford to miss this story!

We all know how Rimi Sen has been dying to leave Bigg Boss 9! Since day 1 she has been cribbing about the 'reality' show and why she isn't willing to perform any task! But naturally, everyone is super pissed on her attitude and wouldn't mind if she gets evicted! In fact, even Salman Khan had warned Rimi during the weekend episode that she better performs orelse she'll have to face major consequences! Well, looks like the much awaited day has finally arrived guys! Rimi might leave the house in tonight's episode! Yes, this is happening!

In a sudden turn of events, Bigg Boss will make an announcement that whoever wishes to leave the show is free to go! Even the main door will be left open for about 5 minutes! But will Rimi leave the show? Now ideally she should given that she has said "Mujhe Ghar Jaana Hai' for the 100th time, right? However, you'll be surprised but Rimi will NOT leave the house! Yes! While the preview shows everyone plotting against Rimi and confronting her as to why is she not leaving the house! But Rimi will stay adamant and say she doesn't trust Bigg Boss, fearing she'll be dragged into another trap!

And all this while you were thinking Rimi is genuinely wanting to go home! Well played Rimi! Our source exclusively also reveals to us that none of the remaining contestants will quit and the task will end on a rather controversial note! Stay tuned for more updates only on Tvtalks!

Source (Bollywoodlife)

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