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Asma Badar to play Gitanjali : Darr sabko lagta hai !!


When TV Talks contacted Asma Badar she told us about her character

I am playing Gitanjali in "Darr sabko lagta hai"

“Gitanjali is A beautiful girl who happens to be the Vijay’s mother neighbour. Gitanjali wanted to start a life in Mumbai. Gitanjali will stay with him till Gitanjali finds a job and accommodation. Vijay has no choice but to concede to his overbearing but sweet mother’s wishes. The mother’s intention is to make Vijay and Gitanjali fall in love. But not all cupids succeed. The woman on the fan is pissed off with mother’s idea. This brings them close. This angers the woman on the fan even more. Vijay tells Gitanjali that he is a widower. His wife died three months back. He goes on to tell Gitanjali about his wife” and the story goes on…. We wish Asma Badar luck for her new role.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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