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Rishina Kandhari to enter Colors' Udann


Actress Rishina Kandhari who was last seen in Colors’ Tashan-E-Ishq will now be a part of the Udann family on Colors. Well, tonight’s episode will mark the entry of Rishina in this show, produced by Guroudev Bhalla and Dhaval Gada. As per the ongoing track, Chakor (Spandan Chaturvedi) has entered a circus and the story forward will depict the journey of the girl in the new ambience. As per reliable sources, “Rishina will play the role of Vishaka, the wife of the circus owner, played by Amit Dolawat. She will be a bit stern on the face as she heads the huge responsibility of the smooth functioning of the circus. She will be a disciplinarian to the core, and will ensure that all in the circus abide to the rules set by her. In addition to being the head of the circus troupe, she will be a class art in performing stunts as well.” We tried calling Rishina, but did not get through to her.

On finding Chakor at the circus, Vishaka will not allow Chakor to stay there for free. She will make it a point that Chakor can stay at the circus only if she is doing some work. Will Chakor make a place for herself in the circus? Only time will tell. Also entering the show will be popular actor Liliput who would be seen as a constant support and friend to Chakor. Talking on the same, Liliput shared, "I am playing Khasta, a joker in the circus. With him having met with an accident few years back, he would be ignored by the circus people. Left all alone, he will find company in Chakor."

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