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I want to be the Nandita Das of TV: Shruti Rawat


There are very few actors who are known for their characters than their real personality. One of them is Shruti Rawat, who portrays the role of Bhairavi on SAB TV’s Badi Dooooor Se Aaye Hai. The actress plays a fun loving and cute Gujrati girl, but is quite the opposite in real life. She shared, “On the show, my symbolic trait is sticking my tongue out after every dialogue… so whenever I met my fans, they ask me to do that, which is rather embarrassing. I am very girly and well dressed-up in real life… so people get shocked.” Do you tend to behave like Bhairavi off-cameras well? “Once the camera is off, I switch into my actual personality.”

Apart from comedy, what kind of roles do you wish to do in the future? “I want to play negative roles. People think I am very cute, so I want to surprise my fans with different looks and roles,” she said. How is Bhairavi in real life? “I am very outgoing, who love dancing. I like to explore different forms of art. I like to work out too. In fact, I used to be a gym trainer,” the actress said. Despite playing popular characters onscreen, why hasn’t it been appreciated? “May be because it’s an ‘alien’ comedy, which only selective people watch. Our show is mostly viewed in urban areas and not in rural side due to which TRPs are not high,” she replied matter-of-factly. Did you always wished to be an actor? “Acting was not planned. Even though it’s been five years in the industry, I am not an ambitious actor. For me, good work is important than popularity. I want to be the next Nandita Das or Diya Dutta and not Kareena Kapoor or Deepika Padukone.”

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