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Madhav and Maya to get engaged in Adhuri Kahani Hamari


&TV’s Adhuri Kahani Hamari (4 Lions) will see a major high point wherein Madhav (Laksh Lalwani) and Maya (Suhani Dhanki) will get engaged. Yes guys, it’s a bad news for all fans of Madhav and Manu (Mahima Makwana) as the girl will finally become Devrakshika. With that making her give up love, Yuvraj Madhav will be furious with the same. As per a reliable source, “Madhav will agree to marry a princess Rooprekha from Chittorgarh. And they would also plan an engagement ceremony to officialize their relationship. However, Maya will have her own plans. She would kill Rooprekha and disguise herself as the princess to enter Madhav house. She would come with the motive to get the naag mani.”

Further our source adds, Madhav will order Manu to prepare dinner for the family members but she would fail to do it and thus, Maya will prepare the dinner. But soon she would feel herself transforming into a Naagin, and rush into the room. However, the family will get worried after seeing Maya’s weird behavior. What will happen next? Will Madhav know Maya’s reality? Watch the sequence in Adhuri Kahani Hamari…

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