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Karishma Tanna's 'Parda Parda' on Zee TV's Yeh Vaada Raha


Zee TV’s Yeh Vaada Raha (Trishula Productions) will see the major revelation of whether Survi (Sonal Vengurlekar) will accept her real identity before Kartik (Ankush Arora) or not… Well, this will come after the viewers will witness a high-intensity drama during the party that has been hosted by Kartik for the launch of his film. Kartik sending western attire for Survi, and will threaten her to wear it, failing which he will expel Simran (Vaishali Takkar) out of his movie. Well, the drama sequence that began yesterday will get into full swing in tonight’s episode. Amidst all the drama will be the merry moment with Karishma Tanna dancing at the party. As per our reliable source, “Karishma’s celebrity dance will be an added surprise for the audience. She will be dancing on the song Parda Parda from the movie once Upon a Time in Mumbai.”

The drama quotient will again be stretched with Kartik forcing Survi to wear the dress. However, it will be a shocking revelation for Survi as the dress sent will be of the waitress’, and Survi will understand that the entire waitress’ at the party will be wearing the same gown. Our source further adds, “However, Survi will not allow herself to lose her cool, and will accept the challenge thrown at her by Kartik. She will go around serving drinks to people present at the party, thus playing the waitress’ job to élan. This will irk Kartik all the more.” However, Survi’s patience level will be tested further when Kartik will also bring Survi’s father Srikant (Pankaj Vishnu) at the venue. This will lead to a major confrontation between Survi and Kartik, is what we hear.

Will Survi accept her real identity? How will this revelation change the lives of Kartik and Survi?

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