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Prince's entertaining punishment for Priya-Mandana in Bigg Boss 9


Bigg Boss 9 has been truly raising the bar with its interesting drama! And tonight gear up to see Prince Narula, the captain of the house give a unique punishment to the housemates.
br/>With Priya Malik and Mandana Karimi constantly speaking English in the game, Prince will give them a punishment, to stand across each other with the their hands on each other's shoulders and say - Mujhe maaf kijiye ki mein iti bewakoof hoon ki mein 13th (for Mandana)/5th (for Priya) week mein bhi English mein vartalaap kar rahi hoon He will make them repeat this over and over again, much to the delight of the inmates. While Priya will keep getting distracted, the two will also be seen laughing their hearts out! This will irritate Prince and he will ask them to take the punishment seriously. Priya will say that she was doing the task, but he cannot tell her how to do it. Angered by the comment, Prince will threaten her with another punishment.

In frustration, she will pack her suitcase and ask Bigg Boss to open the store room door in order to confiscate her own suitcase than accepting Prince’s punishment. Woah! Too much drama....isn’t it??? stay tuned for more updates!!

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