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Shakti Arora a 'clown' look for Colors' Meri Aashiqui...


Loyal fans of IshVeer and of the show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi on Colors will soon have a ball, as their dear couple will yet again come face to face!! So how will this happen? Will Ranveer burn with anger, or will Ishaani be able to tell him about her truth? Well, news coming to us is that Ranveer will be seen donning the look of a clown when he will see Ishaani. Interesting, isn’t it?

As per the track ahead, Nirbhay (Mohit Abrol) will challenge Ishaani to get an acceptance from Veer (RV) for marrying his sister, Naina (Aakanksha Juneja). He would in turn promise Ishaani to help her get back to Ranveer. And this will prompt Ishaani to go and meet Ranveer. However, the man burning with anger will make her wait for a long time... And when they would meet, she will witness the cute scene of Veer in a clown’s getup bringing smiles on kids’ faces by giving them pleasantries. Well, the next moment, Ishaani will receive a shock when Veer will remove his getup and show his face to the woman he loved. How do you like this sequence between IshVeer?

Stay tuned for more updates!!

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