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Abhay Vakil gets injured on 'Silsila Pyaar Ka' set


abhay Vakil, who is currently seen playing the role of Raunak Tiwari in TV show "Silsila Pyaar Ka", injured himself while shooting for an upcoming fight sequence.

While shooting on Lonavala cliffs, a sequence required Abhay to fight goons bare feet. During the shoot, Abhay accidentally landed on a two inch nail which pierced through his flesh making his toe bleed heavily. The injury was so bad that he couldn't walk and had to stop shooting for a while. The production tried using ice and antiseptic but the blood was just not stopping. The team went to look for a doctor as it was very important for him to take tetanus vaccination to avoid future disease.

"I was injured very badly while shooting for sequence where I had to chase a car. While the shot was on I didn't notice a couple of iron nails lying on the other side as well and one of them pierced through my leg," Abhay said in a statement. "The pain was terrible and I couldn't move my leg but I'm really thankful to my production team as they immediately stopped the shoot and provided me the first aid.

"As we were shooting in an isolated village, one of the production guys went all the way to the city to get a doctor for me. And since the show has gone seven days a week. I'm still shooting despite the pain without a holiday or a break," he added.

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