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Ashish Sharma: It has been my dream to play Ram


Ashish Sharma, who is currently playing Ram on 'Siya Ke Ram', is actually a big Hanuman bhakt. When he was younger, he was always offered the role of Hanuman.

Ashish says, "I am from Jaipur, where Ramlila is common. Despite being a thin, lanky fellow, I was always offered the role of Hanuman. It was a dream of mine to play Ram, but somehow I was chosen to play Hanuman. Since then, I have been a Hanuman bhakt for many years now." Talking about his faith and belief, he adds, "Not just me, in fact my entire family is a devout follower of Lord Hanuman. It's an annual affair where we all celebrate Hanuman Jayanti with a big puja at home and all the relatives join us in the puja."

The actor, who was slated to come to Jaipur on April 22 for a big pooja on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, moved his trip AHEAD because shooting schedules did not permit him to travel.

Ashish came to Jaipur early this month after a long gap. Hopping flights between Mumbai, Hyderabad and now Jaipur, the actor got just one day off. He said, "I was shooting in Mumbai, so I took an early morning flight to Jaipur, and after shooting for the entire day, went back to Hyderabad for another shoot of the show. At times, it becomes a little tough, but that's how TV actors' lives are. Initially, the show was five days a week, and we used to get a day off, but now it has become seven days a week, so shootings have become all the more hectic. Now it's a part of my job. Initially, it used to bug my parents but now, they have become used to from it."
source : timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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