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Sara Arfeen Khan quits 'Siya Ke Ram'


Sara Arfeen Khan, who is currently seen as Surpanakha in 'Siya Ke Ram', is exiting the show due to date clashes.

The actress says, "I let go off another show when I was offered the character of Surpanakha as the makers had promised it was an excellent role. I had informed them right then that I would not be available for 15 days in May as I had a prior commitment. But they told me not to worry and that they would be able to manage the dates. I didn't shoot for the show during the entire month of April and now, I got a call from them saying that they won't give me time off in May. They asked me to reschedule my dates, though I had informed them about my plan four months in advance. Unfortunately, due to a commitment given even before I took up the show, I was unable to make the adjustment. I was left with no choice but to exit the show."

source : timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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