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Manpreet is back with Hickey,


One of the best and the most energetic singer and rapper in Punjab is Manpreet Dhami. He has a huge fan base that is completely crazy for him. His work is loved and he is followed tremendously everywhere. He is a star and a giver of best music to this generation. Manpreet is now back with another piece of great music for us and that’s Hickey. This time he is the one who has conceptualised and composed the song. He is the one who has also given lyrics to this song and thus this show the audacity of this song which is going to be a great hit amongst the masses. Manpreet was missed badly y his fans for one year. He did his last hit ‘Uth Daye Gawando’ which still does rounds of parties and musics systems all over the youth generation. After this hit he is now gonna give us a Hickey. So what is Hickey? Hickey is a love bite which a guy gives on a girl’s neck. With this fresh new and unique concept, Manpreet is going to take us on a ride and leave us with a new hit to enjoy. This song got released on the Sony Music India YouTube channel exclusively. Full of energy and fun, Hickey is now all set to rule.


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