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Will Ragini and her son come Face to Face???


Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar is just a few weeks old and has started picking up with its fascinating storyline and ensemble cast.
In the ongoing episodes, the story is revolving around Nishi's marriage who is daughter of Neil (Ronit Roy) and Ragini (Pallavi Kulkarni). Nishi has invited Neil for the marriage whereas Neil who is angry on Ragini agrees to attend the marriage for the sake of his daughter Nishi.

In the forthcoming episodes, Ranbir and Aagam who are Neil's sons will come to India and reach at the hotel where Ragini is present.
Our source informs us, "Ranbir and Aagam will come to India with their father Neil. They will at the hotel which is owned by their father's friend. On the other hand Ragini takes her daughter Nishi and her fiance Jignesh out for booking a hall for their engagement. She reaches to the same hotel where her sons are present."

"But unfortunately this could be their bad luck as they won't come face to face and it will be a hit and miss case between the two," ends the source.
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